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Downtown Fargo

Welcome to downtown Fargo, North Dakota. This quaint city, nestled along the Red River, is a treasure trove of culture and history, with a vibrant downtown scene that's just begging to be explored. This guide will help you discover all that downtown Fargo has to offer.

Downtown Fargo

History & Culture

Downtown Fargo is steeped in history. Start your journey at the Plains Art Museum, which houses over 4,000 works of art, making it the largest museum in North Dakota. Just a short walk away, you'll find the historic Fargo Theatre, an art deco movie theater that's been a staple of downtown Fargo since 1926.


For shoppers, downtown Fargo offers an eclectic mix of stores. From the unique boutiques on Broadway, such as Zandbroz Variety and Unglued, offering locally made crafts and goods, to the larger West Acres Shopping Center, there's something for every shopping enthusiast.


When it comes to dining, downtown Fargo doesn't disappoint. There's a wide variety of restaurants catering to all tastes. Enjoy award-winning Scotch eggs at The Boiler Room, or indulge in some fish and chips at the Beer & Fish Company. For a quick bite, stop by Nichole's Fine Pastry & Café, a local favorite for pastries and coffee.


If you're looking for nightlife, downtown Fargo has plenty to offer. The Front Street Taproom features beers from across North Dakota, while the Sky Prairie rooftop bar offers stunning views of the city skyline. If live music is more your scene, check out the concert schedule at the Sanctuary Events Center.

Outdoor Activities

For outdoor enthusiasts, downtown Fargo offers plenty of parks and green spaces. Take a stroll along the riverwalk in Island Park, or rent a bike and explore the city on two wheels. In the winter, you can even try your hand at ice skating on the outdoor rink at Broadway Square.

Downtown Fargo is a vibrant and eclectic area that has a lot to offer. From its rich history and culture to its diverse shopping, dining, and nightlife options, it's a place that's easy to fall in love with. So whether you're just passing through or planning to stay awhile, be sure to make downtown Fargo a part of your journey.