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Guide to Dining in the Fargo-Moorhead Area

The cuisine in the Fargo-Moorhead area is rich and varied. There are restaurants featuring regional foods (with culinary roots stemming from Germany, Eastern Europe, and Scandinavian countries), restaurants featuring wood fired pizzas both traditional and eclectic, casual fine dining establishments serving upscale American cuisine, and a fantastic traditional northern barbecue whose motto “satisfy your meat tooth” says it all.Friends Dining in Fargo-Moorhead Area

There are hundreds of restaurants in the Fargo-Moorhead Area to sample and enjoy. Here is a handful to get you started on your dining adventure. We’ve also included a curated list of midwestern “regional foods to know and enjoy”. 

Fargo, North Dakota - Restaurants 

Blackbird Wood Fired Pizza: The family-run artisanal wood fired pizza shop in Fargo takes its dough very seriously. They only use North Dakota wheat and milled flour. Located at 206 Broadway N in Fargo, this is where you’ll find some very inspired pizza pies including the Lumberjack w/béchamel cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, red onion, Canadian bacon, and smoked bacon topped with fresh maple syrup and a sunny side egg! 

Kroll’s Diner: Kroll’s has been serving up German and American comfort foods to hungry diners across North Dakota since 1969. They have four locations including 1033 45th St S in Fargo. You can sample some favorite regional foods at the diner including cheese curds and fleischkuechle. 

Würst Bier Hall: Beer, sausages, schnitzel, spaetzle dumplings, knoephla and borscht. They have it all. And there are two locations: one in West Fargo and one at 630 1st Ave N downtown Fargo. Don’t forget to order kuchen for dessert. 

No Bull Smokehouse: Locally sourced red and white oak is used to smoke the meats for the traditional northern barbecue located at 609 Northern Pacific Ave in Fargo. The flavors produced by oak are “stronger than apple and cherry, but lighter than hickory”. Smoked pork, smoked sausage, smoked ribs, smoked beef brisket, and smoked half chickens are all on the menu and they’ve got the sides! 

Porter Creek Hardwood Grill: American cuisine is served in a contemporary setting at 1555 44th St S in Fargo. Menu items include a Crisp Duck Breast and a Walleye w/smoked pepper tartar. 

Mezzaluna: Enjoy casual fine dining at 309 Roberts St N in Fargo. The menu features upscale American fare made from local ingredients. The menu features a Beef Bolognese w/pumpkin, kale, mushroom asiago, and balsamic. 

Lucky’s 13 Pub: Heavy comfort food and handcrafted burgers are served in North Dakota and Minnesota at seven locations including 4301 17th Ave S in Fargo. Burger selections are eclectic and include the Stuffed Juicy Lulu (a burger hand stuffed with American cheese & shredded lettuce). 

The Toasted Frog: When you’re looking to satisfy your craving for a dill pickle wrapped in havarti, deep fried, and served with sriracha just stop by 305 Broadway N in Fargo (they have two other locations in North Dakota). Calamari, mussels, buffalo wings, and truffle fries are all on the appetizer list if you aren’t hungry for fancy pickles. Menu items include wood fired pizzas, lavosh, Bourbon Hoisin Salmon, and a Pork Schnitzel.

Moorhead, Minnesota - Restaurants 

Rustica Eatery & Tavern: Enjoy casual fine dining at 315 Main Ave in Moorhead. Menu items include a Pork Loin Saltimbocca, Pepper Crusted Walleye, and Baked Mac & Cheese. Handmade pasta includes a Braised Beef Tagliatelle and a Pork Belly Chitarra. 

El Torero: Authentic Mexican food is made fresh daily at 3005 US-10 in Moorhead. The house specialties include Carnitas, El Típico Pepper, and Taquitos. Fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas and burritos are all on the menu. 

Regional Foods to Know & Enjoy 

Knoephla Soup: A German soup of chicken broth, cream, and butter with flour and egg dumpling.

Borscht Soup: Eastern European soup made with beets and often topped with sour cream or fresh whipping cream.

Hotdish: This is what midwesterners call a casserole. 

Lefse: A Scandinavian potato flatbread eaten with sweet or savory items (traditionally served with lutefisk). 

Fleischkuechle: A German meat pie: seasoned meat wrapped in dough and deep fried, often served with gravy.

Kuchen: A German dessert combining elements of cake, pie, and custard. 

Cheese Curds: These are moist pieces of curdled milk, often fried and served as a satisfying snack.